Historical information

Dawn commenced operations in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg, Victoria in 1917 under the name of Dawn Manufacturing Co. It was founded by four brothers named Blake, who were all engineers. The first products manufactured were vices. After the first world war, Dawn grew considerably and was selling its products all over Australia. They were very busy during the depression with each employee working 60-80 hours a week. During the second world war, Dawn was supplying vices and clamps to the Australian Defence Department along with munitions. In 1959, the company was taken over by the G.N. Raymond Group. The Dawn catalogue was expanded to now included a wide range of engineer's vices, woodworker's vices, plumber's vices & equipment, G-clamps, quick-action clamps and toggle clamps. In 1973, Dawn was acquired by Siddons Ramset Limited. In December 1991, Dawn became a unit of the United States owned Stanley Works Pty. Ltd. In November 1998, Dawn regained its 100% Australian ownership and now as a separate strategic business unit, began to improve and expand its manufacturing and marketing operations in Australia and overseas.

Physical description

Drill Press, Self-feeding, belt-driven.

Inscriptions & markings

Embossed within the casting "Dawn Melb Australia Mfg".