Historical information

Francis John Newberry founded the Victoria Foundry and Enameling Works in 1890 with a workmate from the Humbles iron foundry in Lupton Street Geelong where he worked. Newberry & Walker Foundry & Enameling Works was built adjoining a cottage that was to be the home of the Newberry family during the ensuing years. Although Walker soon relocated to New Zealand, the Newberry and Walker foundry had become a local success. The foundry produced numerous cast iron products such as washing copper frames, and friezes, balustrades and verandah columns. Verandah posts are to be found in declining numbers, but the Newberry and Walker mark can sometimes be seen on the few which remain. A certain number of iron culvert posts were also made; some of them were still in place on the road to Cressy as late as 1961. Perhaps half the iron friezes on Geelong West verandahs came from the local firm’s foundry.


A significant item made in Geelong giving a snapshot into the early beginnings of Victoria's industrial manufacturing of products that helped to replace previously imported items from England or America.

Physical description

Copper boiling tub, cast iron frame copper bowl inside of 14 gallon capacity

Inscriptions & markings

Newberry & Walker