Historical information

Ward & Payne was founded in Sheffield by David Ward, an edge-tool
manufacturer in 1803. The company had the name, David Ward. David Ward's son Edward joined the company around 1837 and the company name was changed to David Ward & Sons or David Ward & Co. Perhaps both names were used in succession it is unclear.
Henry Payne appears as an edge tool maker in 1837 and joins the company before 1845. Perhaps he joined in 1837, as a result, this caused the name change to David Ward & Co. In 1843 Henry Payne registered the trademark name of Ward & Payne consisting of the crossed hammers above an anvil with W to the left and P to the right. Henry Payne became the junior partner in 1845 and died in 1850 and ownership of the company then reverted to the Ward family. After 1845 the firm built a large business in edge tools concentrating on carving tools, chisels, and gouges. Another David Ward (1835 - 1889), possibly the son of Edward Ward, took over the company in 1855 and was an aggressive young executive with the company before that. He grew the company's fortunes in both the sheep shearing scissor and carving tool businesses. The company grew and expanded its factory to a full city block and published a 501-page catalog in 1911. The company was still in business up to around 1970.


A tool made by a well-known company and regarded today as a collector's item for those enthusiasts that collect vintage woodworking tools. However for further details regards provenance see the note in the provenance section this document.

Physical description

Socket chisel cast steel

Inscriptions & markings

"Ward Cast steel" inscribed on blade