Historical information

Rollin White was an American gunsmith who invented a single shot bored-through revolver cylinder that allowed paper cartridges to be loaded from the rear of a revolver's cylinder. Wen his patent expired the Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company started working on its own metallic cartridge revolvers. Thus, after having introduced its first rear-loading pistols in 1871 the (Colt House/Cloverleaf revolver) and the 1872 (Colt Open Top revolver), in 1873 Colt launched the Colt Peacemaker along with a new line of pocket revolvers, sorted in five different calibers (.22, .30, .32, .38, .41 cal). Since it was an entirely new line of revolvers this model was called the Colt New Line. Circa 1884-1886 (the .32 cal was only made during 1873-1884). Submerged by the company's competitors' cheaper imitations and refusing to introduce a lower quality among its own firearms to match its competitors, the Colt company dropped the line and ceased production.


The Colt New Line was one of the first metallic cartridge rear-loading revolvers manufactured by Colt. It demonstrates the evolution of firearm production and development of firearms as manufacturers moved away from percussion muzzle-loading firearms to those that would accept cartridges. That incorporated the bullet, propellant and primer all within a brass cylinder allowing the projectile to be loaded directly into a pistols cylinder, or a rifle magazine.

Physical description

Colt New Line revolver, single action 5 shot spur trigger .32 cal rimfire revolver black handle. .

Inscriptions & markings

Inscriptions on side of barrel and top No 18842, "Colt New .32" . On top Colt's FT.F.AMFG.CC Hartford.Ct.USA