Historical information

In the Words of donor, Betty Stone , …

“These crocheted and embroidered articles cover a period of three generations- ie. Sarah (nee Chamberlain) Lees, Ann (nee Lees) Dale, and Daisy Elvena (nee Dale) Welsh.

All three were accomplished needlewomen; also, both Sarah Lees (born 1844) and her daughter, Ann (b 1865) crocheted a wide variety of articles for use in their homes. A few examples of these items have survived the years.”

Baby's Crocheted Bonnet - This finely crocheted bonnet was made by Sarah (nee Chamberlain) Lees and is at least one hundred years old. Due to the condition of the original ribbon ties, they have been replaced with new ribbon.

Table Runner with insertions, Tray cover and various Doylies, sauce bottle covers etc. - These articles were made by Sarah Lees or her daughter Ann (nee Lees) Dale.

Pair of Embroidered Pillow Shams, and various embroidered mats - These items were made by my mother Daisy (nee Dale) Welsh.

(NOTE: For additional information please refer to my book Pioneer and Places- A History of Three Warrnambool Pioneering Families ie. Chamberlain, Dale and Lees families)


This item is associated with families of Chamberlain, Dale and Lees. These families are listed in the "Pioneers' Register" for Warrnambool Township and Shire, 1835-1900, published by A.I.G.S. Warrnambool Branch.

Physical description

Pillow Case, rectangular in shape with ruffle edge, white with white floral embroidery, From the 'Chamberlain Dale Lees Collection'