Historical information

Although the Beenak Post Office officially closed on 31 August 1951, the Mail Box continued to be used until 1976.


The history of Beenak (the town that never was) is part of the Yarra Valley Ranges, and this picture tells the story of the historic Mailbox

Physical description

Black and White Picture of the original Beenak Post Office Letter Box, used for collecting mail during the Beenak Sawmilling operations.
The Friends of Kurth Kiln have errected a Commemorative Plaque on site next to the huge gum tree that still carries the scar where the the mail box had been mounted.

Inscriptions & markings

A full scale replica of the box has been fitted to the shed at Kurth Kiln, made and painted by Henk Bouck under the supervision of ex PMG officer John Waghorn