Historical information

The State Savings Bank of Victoria passbook number 67563 running from October 1959 until mid 1982 has several features.
(1) The cover is held in place by string.
(2) The cover has the name of Colac printed on it.
(3) Inside the front cover the SSB conditions relating to Depositors, and the Rules and Regulations of the SSB.
(4) Inside the back cover the SSB branches and agencies are printed..
(5) On the inside back cover the withdrawl by depositors from branches other than their own.
(6) Inside, the February 14 1966 decimal currency conversion.

Physical description

Beech Forest Progress Association passbook 67563, 29 October 1959 to 1 June 1981. The State Savings Bank of Victoria, Colac Branch.

Inscriptions & markings

(1) Original passbook number crossed out and the number 67563 inserted.
(2) re Estate of S.R. Cameron dec'd, from Clarke & Barwood. Memorandum included.