Historical information

This medallion was issued to surviving members of the Defence Force who served on the Gallipoli Peninsula, or in direct support. NOK or other entitled persons can aapply to receive the medallion on behalf of the relatives.


The medallion is to be issued to ANZACs who were at Gallipoli between 15 April 1915 and the final date of evacuation in January 1916.

Physical description

Round medallion, bronze in colour, crown on top and ANZAC inscribed on the bottom of medallion. There is a lapel badge "A".
The medallion is cast in bronze and the lapel badge will be a metal of bronze colour.

Inscriptions & markings

Obverse of medallion depicts Simpson and his Donkey, lower border is a laurel wreath above the word ANZAC. The reverse shows a map in relief of Australia and New Zealand superimposed by the Southern Cross the lower half is bordered by the New Zealand fern leaves.
Inscribed J.C. Martin.