Historical information

The buttons relate to tailors in Warrnambool and District and some are stamped with relevant names.


The collection provides a good sample of buttons and the types of materials and uses which were prevalent in the period.

Physical description

Rows of buttons in colours black, brown, fawn, silver, white, and Mother of Pearl. Mounted on cream card and framed with cream mount. Rows are labelled with small card inserts with names of local tailors and/or application and uses. Materials used are metal, bakelite, shell and fabric.

Inscriptions & markings

The metal buttons have names of tailors stamped into them and bakelite buttons are either stamped or have raised lettering or symbols. Names on buttons as follows: Cramond & Dickson, Youngers, Warrnambool, W. J. Taggart, S Taggart, Fletcher Jones, W. A Burnett, W McDonald, Thompson Terang, R Carey, J Torrance Camperdown, F Williamson, Salvation Army. Types of buttons : Military, Navy, coat, vest, boot and shoe,shirt, trouser, coat, Pearl shell, linen, and fabric covered.