Historical information

This case is for a testing voltmeter recorder. The last time it was certified by SEC Vic laboratories on the 17/4/77. It was used extensively in the transportation of the mobile recorder which was sometimes placed for periods of one month at locations experiencing unacceptable fluctuations of power. These locations would cover the North East regions of Victoria. They cover voltage drops at domestic and business properties especially those that were experiencing regular fluctuations(daily) at approximately the same time of the day. As the electrical network is required to operate within a set level of voltage, fluctuations outside of this has to be investigated and necessary remedial action taken. This is especially so for rural properties where power "drainage" can occur through animal/bird and tree interference. See KVHS 0302 (A) for the instrument.


This case for a mobile voltage recorder is very significant to the Kiewa Valley because it highlights the difficulties that can occur in maintaining a power supply that experiences fluctuating power demands by the rural industries that it supplies. The requirement of a mobile testing apparatus to cover the various sections in the Kiewa Valley and other rural areas in the northeast region is one of necessity as electricity once connected to a rural property is a labour saving supply as generators on rural properties require a higher degree of maintenance an ultimately at a higher cost. The testing of the SEC Vic supplied electricity to rural properties,those who had previously run on generators, had to be quick and unassuming with certainty of correct supply levels.

Physical description

This heavy and thick all leather case for the "easy" transportation of the Volt meter recorder has a opening top which pop riveted to the main body(rivets are aluminium). The all leather top has a shaped carrying handle which is also riveted on. There are two straps on the side of the top which can be fastened to the main body by metal "shoe" buckles. The bottom end is secured to the main bag by large rivets.Tick grade stitching is on all corners.

Inscriptions & markings