Historical information

This 35mm Westrex 14 projector was purchased from Waverley Theatre (Cnr Burke Road and Waverley Road in Malvern, in 1962) last used by "Cosmopolitan Motion Pictures" as follows:
from 1962 to 1967 - National Theatre, Richmond.
from 1967 to 1970 - in a small leatherette on Bridge Road, Richmond.
from 1971 to 1985 - Galaxy Theatre Brunswick. After that it was stored at the back of Westgarth Theatre in Northcote.


This projector has a primary historic significance as it covers the largest part of the history of film shows by "Cosmopolitan Motion Pictures", and cultural/social significance since it has been used to project a number of other language films (about 10 different languages) by the company. It also carries a secondary significance of rarity being the last used projector by the company at Galaxy Theatre.

Physical description

This metal (most probably steel) projector is part of a number of projectors owned by "Cosmopolitan Motion Pictures". It is in dark blue/grey colour and still operational to project 35mm films if needed. It has two inscriptions detailed below and was last used at Liberty/Galaxy Theatre in Brunswick in 1985 (for more details about the history of Galaxy Theatre follow this link http://technicolouryawn.com/?page_id=2988)

Inscriptions & markings

INSCRIPTION 1 (red background)
Westrex 14, High Intensity Arc Lamp, Serial Number A.5401018. Manufactured for Westrex (Australia) Pty. Limited by G.B.H. Electronic Laboratories - Made in N.S.W. Australia
INSCRIPTION 2 (blue background)
R4A Reproducer
Made in Australia
Western Electric Co. (Aust) Pty. Ltd.