Historical information

This magazine was first published in January 1959 and was a fortnightly edition which was distributed for free.
The story is that in May 1963 at the National Theatre in Richmond when the film titled "KRYSTALLO" ("Κρυστάλλω") was about to be screened for the first time "Cosmopolitan Motion Pictures" thought of a very unique way of promoting it.
Apart from the usual publications to the "Kinimatografikos Astir" (Film Star) magazine and the flyers, they decided to display on the theatre roof 25 live sheep in a scene from a typical Greek village stable with a shepherd etc.
They also assigned the task of creating a large banner sized 2 metres by 8 meters approx. to an Australian artist (name unknown) to adorn the front of the National Theatre.
When these sheep and the banner were finally displayed before the first screening there was so much traffic congestion created in front of the theatre that it became a standstill. Very quickly the police was informed and the RSPCA who attended and ordered the organisers to dismantle the setup of sheep on the roof as it was considered cruelty to the animals and that it was organised without a proper license.
Nevertheless the film had so much success, that it was unprecedented for the times. First showing was 9th May 1963


Primary historic significance to the Greek Film and Entertainment industries in Australia. Secondary Social and Rarity publication significance.

Physical description

Bi-weekly magazine size A4, published in black and white by "Cosmopolitan Motion Pictures" for the purposes of film shows and distributed free of charge.

Inscriptions & markings

"Κινηματογραφικός Αστήρ"