Historical information

This handkerchief was used as a marketing material to promote the film titled "The Heavens are ours" in Greek by "New World Film Entertainment" shown at Melbourne Town Hall.
There were 2000 of these printed by the company for the premiera showing.
The film was later screened by the same company at Premier Theatre in November 1958 by popular demand. The handkerchief gesture had the desired effect of attracting large crowds to the show.


This handkerchief's primary significance is derived from the innovative story behind its use.

Physical description

A white printed paper towel inscribed, in black ink, with a message in Greek to those it was handed to by "Cosmopolitan Motion Pictures"

Inscriptions & markings

The inscription in Greek says:
"ΦΕΡΤΕ ΤΟ ΜΑΖΥ ΣΑΣ. Θα σας χρησιμεύσει να σφουγγίσετε τα δάκρυά σας παρακολουθώντας το συγκινητικώτερο, το δραματικώτερο δράμα όλων των εποχών που θα κάνει και τις άψυχες πέτρες να ραγίσουν 'ΟΙ ΟΥΡΑΝΟΙ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΔΙΚΟΙ ΜΑΣ'...."
In English translation it says:
"BRING IT WITH YOU. You will need to wipe your tears watching the most dramatic and emotional film ever, that will have stones with no soul crack... titled "THE HEAVENS ARE OURS" with the unforgettable Golfo Antigoni Valakou, of the most prominent film production company FINOS-FILM presented by NEW WORLD ENTERTAINMENT. The touching story of a girl who has been lost by her parents she still lives with them, in sadness and in laughter.... THE MOVIE THAT NEEDS TO BE WATCHED BY EVERY FATHER , EVERY MOTHER, EVERY YOUNG MAN AND WOMAN.
In Melbourne
On Saturday, 19th April 1958