Historical information

The Ballarat Gaol was one of the earliest gaols. Building commenced in 1856 and was completed in 1862. It provided accommodation for 74 prisoners - male and female. The materials use to build the gaol were locally quarried basalt combined with local bricks. At that time there were about 14 brick making plants in Ballarat. 1870 saw the opening of the School of Mines, Australia's third oldest tertiary institution. The purpose of the school was "to impart instruction in the various branches of science relating to mining engineering. It is proposed, as soon as practicable, to extend the operation of the school so as to impart instruction in those branches of technical science which may be considered most likely to exert a beneficial influence on the prosperity of Victoria." School was in a disused Circuit Court House in Lydiard Street South. Sir Redmond Barry was first President of the School of Mines Council.

Physical description

Seven black and white and sepia photographs of the Ballarat Gaol under demolition. Progressive demolition showing rubble and machinery used.

Gift of photographer.