Historical information

On 7 March 1964 the Former Ballarat Gaol was opened to the public resulting in a large turnout. These photos were taken during the visit and show various sections, inside and outside, of the gaol. .1) Shows the ground queued up; .2) Front entrance, people starting to move inside; .3) Looking through the bars; .4) view of the curved wall with sentry's walk and guard's tower; .5) Looking through bars to stone wall; .6) Walking down the narrow steps from the top of the wall. This would have been used by guards; .7) Area showing the individual cell doors; .8) People in cell area. An upper level is shown. The gallows is on this level; .9) Stairs leading up to the gallows; .10) Turret above the cell block; .11) Cell area; .12) Cobbled area.

Physical description

Twelve black and white images taken at the open day of the Former Ballarat Gaol, held by the Ballarat Branch of the National Trust on 7 March 1964.