Historical information

Charity organisation, Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild,was formed within The Missions to Seamen Institute to provide a home away from home, for visiting seamen. The flyer invited seafarers to use the institutes for 'Reading, Smoking and Writing and Special Events such as 'Sacred Song Service' and Concerts.


This paper flyer holds historical significance at a local level because it illustrates the events and services that seafarers were invited to use and attend organized by the Mission to Seafarers.The Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild grew to become a significant charity in Melbourne raising large amounts of money which helped to establish the current MTS building, supporting seafarers as well as attending social events such as the ones promoted in the flyer.

Physical description

Paper Flyer in blue ink inviting seafarers to use the institutes for 'Reading, Smoking and Writing ;. Also invites them to Special events including dates venues for Socials, 'Sacred Song Services' and Concerts.

Inscriptions & markings

Written in Black ink on the back:
"The crues of the Cashelot" (?)