Historical information

Edith CURNOW (1913–2003)
Ballarat | Australia

Edith Gertrude Curnow undertook Industrial Art teacher training at the Ballarat Technical Art School, with a five-year Senior Technical Scholarship, between 1926 and 1931. She taught for a time before marrying compositor James Lawn in 1937. She reportedly continued to teach at the Ballarat Technical Art School as Edith Lawn. She retired in 1972 at which time she was the Lecturer in Charge of Craft

Edith Lawn was a member of inaugural Ballarat School of Mines Old Girls Association, and served as first Press Correspondent. Her daughter, Valda Lawn (later D'Angri) also attended and taught at the School.

One of the subjects Curnow studied was Historic Ornament. This subject spanned time and space to inform and inspire designers. Students studied the influences of history, geography, culture and climate on ornamental aesthetics, including the tools, materials and methods applied to decorative objects, interior design and architecture.

Physical description

Two books containing student notes and drawing relating to courses at the Ballarat techncial Art School in 1931. The work was undertaken by Edith Curnow.

.1) - Foolscap red covered book on Historic Ornament. Includes History of Ornament, Egyptian Ornament, Assyrian Ornament; Greek Ornament, Roman Ornament, Pompeian Ornament, Byzantine, Romanesque Ornament, Norman, Decorated Gothic, Perpendicular Gothic, Renaissance.

.2) Green quarto book on Historic Ornament Part 2: Costume. The work includes Egyptian Costume, Greek Costume, Roman Costume, Richard I, Crusades, Edward III, Charles I, Charles II, George II.