Historical information

St Patrick's Day is celebrated on 17 March. A St Patrick's Day March was held in Ballarat.

According to the Ballarat Courier of 03 February 1916 a festival was organised in Ballarat to celebrate St Patrick's Day:
"ST PATRICK'S DAY FESTIVAL - There was an excellent attendance last night at St. Patrick's Hall to make a rangments for the annual celebration of St. Patrick's Day Festival. Mr A. W. Hager occupied the chair. The date allotted by the V.R.C. committee, Friday, 24th March, was accepted, and the festival will take place on that date, with the usual race meeting on the Miners' Racecourse, and entertainment at Her Majesty's Theatre in the evening. The secretary was instructed to appeal for the hearty co-operation of the different societies, and to ask for a holiday on 24th March. The amount of stakes and the racing programme were left in the hands of racing committee, whose report will be dealt with at the next meeting. The following officials were appointed to carry out the celebrations:--Chairman, Very Rev. Father Kennelly; vice-chairmen, Rev. Father Henneberry, T. J. O'Loughlin, and A. W. Hager; general manager, Mr M. Newton; Secretary; Mr F. T. Kierce; treasurer, Mr William White; collecting secretaries, Revs. Fathers Kennelly and Henneberry; entertainment. Mesers D. J.Ward, J. Morrisey, Fraser Hussy, Chris Hager, Shelly, Dr Spring, Dr Kelly, J.J. Coglan, P. Thornton, Jasper Coghlan, Jas Early; finance committee, Revs. Kennelly, Henneberry, Messrs White, T. Foley, Dr Spring, Brophy, Shelley. All present with power to add wore appointed a general committee. A vote of thanks to the chair concluded the meeting."

Physical description

Black and white photographic reproduction of the 1916 St Patrick's Day March in Sturt Street, Ballarat.

A band leads the parade, a horse drawn float carries a banner "Unity of Peace & War" with hundreds following as part of the parade.