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Numurkah Shire Common Seal

From the Collection of Numurkah & District Historical Society Old Bank Building cnr Melville and Knox Street Numurkah Victoria

34cm x 26cm x 12 cm
local government, common seal, numurkah
Historical information
8. (1) The inhabitants of every shire borough town and city inhabitants of for the time being subject to the provisions of this Act shall, under corporation. the name of the president councillors and ratepayers of such shire N°-5203 «• '• the mayor councillors and burgesses of such borough the mayor councillors and burgesses of such town or the mayor councillors
and citizens of such city as the case may be, be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal with power to break alter and change the same from time to time with the approval of the Governor in Council and shall by such name be capable in law of suing and being sued, of purchasing holding and alienating land, and of doing and suffering subject to the provisions of this Act all such other acts and things as bodies corporate may by law do and suffer.
(2) The corporation of ******** Shire Common Seal

54. The common seal of the municipality shall be kept in a box having two locks, of one of which locks the chairman of the municipality shall have a key and of the other of which locks the key shall be kept by the municipal clerk; and the corporate seal shall not be affixed to any document unless the chairman of the municipality and one other member of the council or in the absence of such chairman unless two councillors be present.
91. The Council’s Common Seal
(1) The Chief Executive Officer must ensure the security of the Council's
common seal at all times.
(2) The Council's common seal may only be used on the authority of the
Council given either generally or specifically and every document to which
the seal is affixed must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer or a
senior officer authorised by him or her.
(3) Any person who uses the Council's common seal without authority is
guilty of an offence.
(4) Any person who uses any replica of the council’s seal without authority
is guilty of an offence.
The Numurkah Shire was amalgamated into the Moira Shire and the seal now redundant.
This is the only Numurkah Shire Common Seal in existence.
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