Historical information

Charity organisation, Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild, was formed within The Missions to Seamen Institute to provide a home away from home, for visiting seamen. The booklet informs the role and connection of the Ladies' Harbour light Guild with the Mission.


This paper flyer holds historical significance at a local level because it illustrates the Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild involvement in the Mission to Seafarers. The Ladies' Harbour Lights Guild grew to become a significant charity in Melbourne raising large amounts of money which helped to establish the current MTS building, supporting seafarers.

Physical description

A small booklet of 4 pages in blue ink.
First pages includes names and details of the patron, president, secretary, etc of the Victoria Missions to Seamen as well as its Branches and Secretaries. Then the booklet continues to describes what the Harbour Lights guild and its connection with the Mission.