Historical information

Born on July 3, 1746, in Dublin, Ireland, Henry Grattan became a brilliant parliamentary orator who pushed for Irish legislative independence from Britain, achieved for a time starting in 1782. As a Protestant, he also advocated for Catholic emancipation and voting rights, clashing with ex-ally Henry Flood over ideology. Later serving in the House of Commons, Grattan died on June 4, 1820. [http://www.biography.com/people/henry-grattan-9318523, accessed 14/12/2013]

Born in 1746, died in 1820; was admitted to the Irish Bar in 1772; entered the Irish Parliament in 1775; secured the restoration of independence to the Irish Parliament in 1782; retired from the Irish Parliament in 1797; returned to the Irish Parliament in 1800, in order to oppose the Union; elected to the Imperial Parliament in 1806, remaining a member until his death.[http://www.bartleby.com/268/6/4.html, accessed 14/12/2013]

Physical description

Portrait of a man wearing a jacket. He is Henry Grattan, MP.