Historical information

Winter was Treasurer of the Irish National League.

The following letters have been received:— "The Irish National League, "43 O'Connell-street Upper, "Dublin, 14th Oct., 1886.
"My Dear Mr. 'Winter, — I beg to acknowledge receipt of your favour of the 16th August, enclosing; draft for £250 from the Irish National League of Australasia towards the Irish Parliamentary Fund. The treasurers of the fund, to whom I have handed the draft, are transmitting by this mail a formal receipt for the amount of your generous contribution. ' I am very happy to learn from reports which have appeared in our newspapers here within the past few days that the vacancy in Melbourne has been accepted by our worthy, able, and patriotic prelate, the Most. Rev. Dr. Carr, Bishop of Galway. While the Catholic people of the diocese of Melbourne will find in Dr. Carr an able, zealous, and dignified prelate; of whom they will haye every rea son to be proud, the Irish Catholics of the diocese will, in an especial sense, find in him one who knows the wants of their country, who is deeply in sympathy with .the just feelings and aspirations of her people, and who is second to none in his desire to see his native land happy and prosperous I thought our friends in the Federal Council of the League would be anxious to know what man ner of man the new prelate is, and, therefore, writing to you so soon after his appointment I think it my duty to say so much. "Assuring our friends of our warm gratitude for the generous assistance they are continually giving us in the struggle in which we are en gaged — I remain, my dear Mr. Winter, yours sincerely, T. Harrington. "Joseph Winter, Esq., Advocate office, Melbourne," ''The Irish National League, 43 O'Connell-street Upper, " Dublin; 12th October, 1886. 'My Dear Sir, — I beg to acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter of 16th August, with 'draft for' £250 from the Federal Council of the Irish National League of Australasia to the Parli mentary Fund. Joseph G. Biggar.
' 'J. Winter, Esq.' ' ; IRISH PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION FUND. The following acknowledgment has been received by the Rev. J. H. O'Connell, Victoria : — " The Irish National League, 45 O'Connell-street Upper, Dublin, 12th October, 1886. '"Rev. Dear Sir, — I beg to acknowledge with best thanks receipt of your letter of 24th August, with draft for £1000 towards the Irish Parliamentary Fund from the Executive Committee of the Irish Parliamentary Fund of Melbourne.— Yours faithfully,
"Joseph G. Biggar.
"Rev. J. H. O'Connell, St. George's Presbytery, Carlton, Melbourne." (Sydney Freeman's Journey, 4 December 1886)

MR JOSEPH WINTER AND THE IRISH NATIONAL LEAGUE - Mr Joseph Winter, of Melbourne, has received a courteous letter from Mr. Harrington, M.P., enclosing the following official document : — ' On the motion of the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor, T. Sexton, M.P., seconded by Dr. B. J. Kenny, M.P., the following resolution was unani mously adopted by the Organizing Committee of the Irish National League :—
'That we have heard with regret of the proposed retirement from the treasurership of the Irish National League of Australia of Mr. Joseph Winter, manager of the Melbourne Advocate, and we seize this opportunity of placing on record our appreciation of tbe signal services which he has rendered to the Irish people by his unselfish and devoted advocacy of their cause, especially during the past eight years, during which time the sum of £27,487 has reached the home move ment through his hands. We desire to assure Mr. Winter that his services will not be forgotten by his countrymen in Ireland, and we venture to express the hope that the Irishmen of Australasia may still be permitted to command them.'(Sydney Freeman's Journal, 6 April 1889)

Physical description

Image of a moustached man known as Joseph Winter.