Historical information

This bottle of castor oil was used during the mid to late 1900's when there was a Hospital in the Kiewa Valley, but regarded as only for serious injuries and near death situation. For this reason many households had a "first aid" box full of items such as this bottle of castor oil. Home based remedies for non life threatening injuries and illnesses were a part of life in a semi remote rural region. True and trusted family "health" remedies were passed from generation to generation.


This Castor Oil bottle is very significant to the Kiewa Valley as it demonstrates the self reliance of the early farming and grazing pioneer families. Knowledge of "first aid" was uppermost to the survival of families before the late 1900's. Naturopathic remedies such as connected with the castor oil contained in this bottle, although may not be sanctioned by medical research, does not take into account of the positive "self healing" of the human mind (if you think it is doing you good it creates a positive action). Such preservation techniques were handed down through the generations.Medical Reference material was limited to books available and read and not not from "the internet" in the latter part of the 1900's. The availability of General Practitioners increased because of the boost in the population growth (SEC Vic Hydro Electricity Scheme) in the Kiewa Valley from 1940's onward.

Physical description

This small indigo coloured glass bottle has a narrow neck and a screw on lid.It has an embossed manufacturer's name and contents (Castor Oil) on one side and identification marks embossed on the underside base.