Physical description

A number of Plumbing tools dating from 1880s-1970s and used in teaching at Collingwood Technical School then also at Preston Technical School and at Northern Metropolitan College of TAFE's Heidelberg campus.

Kerosene blow torch X 2 (1930s-);
Stillson Grips;
Pipe Cutter;
Mash hammer;
Adjustable spanner X 3 different sizes;
Caulking tool;
5 way tee, 2X3 way tee, 4 way tee (1930s-);
Old Handmade lead traps (student work) X 2;

Metal tool tray holding;
Offset adjustable spud spanner;
Pear shaped lead working mallet;
Bossing tool for lead work (1880s-1920s);
Soldering iron (1920s-);
Set square;
Large screwdriver;

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