Control of feral animal pests was and is a major problem in agricultural areas, and methods are widely debated. For over a century traps such as this one were in common use where wild dogs and dingoes were a problem, and indeed are still permitted in certain conditions in certain Australian states. Feral animals, including rabbits, foxes and hybridised dogs (dingo mix), have been a major problem in agricultural Australia since colonisation. This example of a dog or dingo trap would have inflicted great pain on the target animal, and focuses the viewer towards aspects of the problem not otherwise faced.
This trap illustrates the historic treatment of animals, in particular native Australian animals. It also signifies the larger debate around the balance between wilderness and agriculture.

Physical description

Metal dingo trap. The spring-loaded jaws of the trap are held upright by metal pieces turning back onto themselves and ending in rings attached to the trap. There is a short chain attached to the trap.