Historical information

This bag belonged to Harry Perry and was donated by his son Trevor Perry. Harry Perry was the son of Jacob Perry, Shire Councillor, a farmer and Boer war veteran.
Harry Perry's father, Jacob Perry, was a member of the inaugural Orbost Bowling Club.
The Bowling Club was founded in 1929, by a group of farmers and businessmen. They set about providing a sporting icon for the town. Six rinks were constructed on the current site using horse drawn scoops and drags. The "Back to Orbost” 1937 book, describes the greens as "a bit rough for the first two seasons but now compare favourably with most country greens". Funds for the construction were raised by the issue of debentures at £5 each, and subscriptions were £1/1s/0d ($2.10). (info. Margaret Smith)


Lawn bowling” is an outdoor game that has been popular for centuries. Bowling clubs play a significant role in community recreation needs. Members of the Perry family were inaugural members of the Orbost Bowling Club.

Physical description

A brown leather bowls bag. It has a zipper around the sides and metal studs on the bottom. There are carrying straps at the top.