Historical information

Fives copies of Universal Weekly was a magazine for Motion Picture exhibitors. Used by Keith Rash / Gem Pictures.

Physical description

Five copies of the Magazine 'Universal Weekly' and a publicity flyer.

.1) 32 page magazine dated 17 August 1929 with Ken Maynard on the cover. It includes information on Broadway, Showboat, The wagon Master, Girl Overboard, Universal, Scotland, College Love.

.2) .1) 32 page magazine dated 20 July 1929 with George Lewis and Dorothy Gulliver on the cover. Contents include College Love, Show Boat, The Drake case, Wagon Master, The Ace of Scotland Yard, Melody Lane.

.3) 32 page magazine dated 24 August 1929 with Hoot Gibson on the cover. Contents include: Points West, Show Boat, The Ace of Scotland Yard, College Love, Wagon Master, Early to Wed, The Danger Line.

.4) 32 page magazine dated 02 November 1929 with Paul Whitman on the cover. Contents include: All Quiet on the Western Front, Skinner Steps Out, Rhapsody in Blue, Shanghai Lady, Out to Kill, The College Racketeer, La Marseillaise, The Phantom of the Opera, The Mississippi Gambler, Skinner Steps Out, Uncle Tom's Cabin, The Wagon Master.

.5) 32 page magazine dated 15 March 1930 with Cohens and Kellys Scotland on the cover. Contents include: The Storm. Hide Out, Phantom of the Opera, Showboat, Jade Box.

.6) Small promotional flyer for Carl Laemmle's 'The Last Performance'.