Historical information

This booklet has been compiled by Peter Doherty, the Assistant Secretary/Treasurer of the Grassmere Cricket Association. It was produced for the 50th Anniversary of the cricket club and the celebrations associated with the anniversary in March 1996. Over the 50 years the member teams of this association varied. In 1951 there were four teams – Grassmere, Bushfield, Winslow and Purnim. In 1970 the teams were Bushfield, Mailors Flat, Woodford, Woolsthorpe, Grassmere/Cooramook, Hawkesdale and Orford. The association still operates today.


This little booklet is of some historical interest as it documents the establishment and growth of the Grassmere Cricket Association from 1945 to 1996. There are many small sporting groups in country Victoria and not all have a written history but this is the story of one of them. It is therefore a contribution to our local social history.

Physical description

This is a small paper back book with a cream-coloured cover with yellow and brown printing. The pages are unnumbered but there are about 45 pages containing printed material, copies of photographs and other illustrated material.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover: ‘Grassmere Cricket Association, formed 7th December 1945, 50th Anniversary, 9th/10th March 1996’