Historical information

The City of Moorabbin Historical Society was formed c 1960 by a group of Moorabbin area residents who were concerned that the history of the area should be preserved. A good response to a call for items related to the historical area of Moorabbin Shire brought donations of a wide variety of artefacts that are now preserved by the current members of CMHS at Box Cottage Museum. Helen Stanley, Secretary of CMHS, began producing a Newsletter for members in April 2007 to provide current information and well researched items of historical interest. Jim Dale continued to produce the Newsletter in 2013 after Helen resigned

Physical description

3 x A4 paper pages printed on one side. CMHS members, Jim, Frank, Daniella, Andre and Joan attended the MAV Awards night, Box Cottage was acknowledged as being in the top 5 out of 150 for Cataloguing artefacts by Volunteers. Bill and Joan visited Mentone Park Primary School on July 12th. Bill prepared a Power-point Display and Joan handed interesting items to the children - flat iron, stereoscope, butter churn etc. Notices for the Open Day August 25th celebrating Harry Hawker. Local Dignitaries and the Hawker family are expected. September 29th Open Day . Jim has attached a history of Harry Hawker's War

Inscriptions & markings

City of Moorabbin Historical Society Newsletter August 2013