Historical information

In 1869, the Warrnambool Meat Preserving Company commenced their business on the site, where it operated until 1875 when it was sold to the directors of the Warrnambool Woolen Mill Company. After being destroyed by fire in 1882 it wasn’t until 1910 that the Warrnambool Chamber of Commerce was approached by Marcus Saltau and Peter McGennan to invest in a new mill. The original directors were James Dickson, P J McGennan, Robert Swinton, M Saltau, and J W Younger. In 1955 the Warrnambool Woollen Mill formed a partnership with the Wangaratta Woollen Mills. Dunlop bought the mill in 1968. From that time until its closure in 2000 it had a number of different owners, the last being the Smith Family Industries.


The Mill site holds significance for Warrnambool as the site was one of the earliest industries established in the town. The Warrnambool Woollen Mill operated for close to 100 years and in that time forged a strong link with the people of Warrnambool. Its product held a significant position in the marketplace.

Physical description

Colour photograph of the Warrnambool Woollen Mill and surrounding area including carparks. The Merri River crosses from lower left to mid right. Playing field, Jetty Flat, in upper right hand corner and Harris Street bridge in lower left. Aspect is looking easterly. Photo glued to white card mount with text in black underneath. Timber frame

Inscriptions & markings

Warrnambool Woollen Mill A division of Dunlop Olympic Limited. Manufacturers of Warrnambool/Dreamspun blankets, rugs and fabrics. Registered office South Warrnambool, Victoria. 3280. Australia. P.O. Box 484 Telephone (055)624166. Telex 55820