Artists statement

This work was exhibited at 'Stories from Kitty's Lead Road' at Chiara Goya Gallery in 1999. Of the exhibition Ros Lawson explained:

"Beyond the city, before the outback, lies a little-explored , unfashionable space - the "bushland" of suburbia. I explore this landscape of tension between nature and human settlement. It is the activities that occur within the lanscape that are of interest: animal husbandry, feral animals, nature walks, star gazing and more mythic qualities of the area. Within these themes lie the reflections of the artist I regard to the erfurbishment of the landscape and the desire to observe, classify and make significant in order to preserve nature."

Historical information

Rosalind LAWSON (11 January 1948 - )

Born Ballarat, Victoria

Rosalind Lawson has spent much of her career working in rural environements, in Australia and Ireland. She has exhibited widely, and in 1997 won the Broken Hill Outback Art Prize.

She holds a Master of Fine Art from R.M.I.T. (1995), a Diploma of Fine Art from R.M.I.T, A Diploma of Physical Education, from the University of Melbourne, and a Trained Teachers' Certificate from Melbourne Secondary Teachers' College .

Between 1989 and 2012 Ros Lawson Lecturered in painting, drawing, papermaking, and was a tutor in Art History at the University of Ballarat Arts Academy (now Federation University). Her studio practice includes painting, drawing and paper art using handmade paper.

This item is part of the Federation University Art Collection. The Art Collection features over 2000 works and was listed as a 'Ballarat Treasure' in 2007.