Historical information

Air Raid Precautions organisations were established in each state in Australia during World War 2.
Air Raid Precautions in Victoria were run by Civil Defense organisation. This handbook, one of a series of handbooks, used in Caulfield during World War 2.


Represents the importance of air raid wardens to civilian defence to handle the threat posed thus officials issued instructions on what to do in case of an air raid. This handbook was used for the Air Raid Precautions in Caulfield during World War 2.

Physical description

Printed handbook has 66 pages bound in soft cover of heavy weight buff colour with red spine.

Inscriptions & markings

On front cover contains Victoria coat of arms, stamped with 'Caulfield Historical Society' in top right hand corner, handwritten in pen '64' and in pencil 'Box 4/1'. Also includes number '7155/39'
On inside cover, in pencil, 'Phillip Campbell Hubert' and on first page, in pencil, 'P.C.Hubert'