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Glen Eira Historical Society Caulfield South, Victoria

Glen Eira Historical Society was formed in 1972 as the Caulfield Historical Society to collect preserve and promote understanding of the history of the municipality. Our name was updated to Glen Eira following the changes made to council boundaries in 1994. We cover the suburbs within the City of Glen Eira.

Over the years we have developed an extensive collection of material and welcome donations of information, photographs and memorabilia related to the history of the area and it's residents. We also run a program of speakers at our bi-monthly General Meetings; and publish a Newsletter periodically.

Visitors and new members welcome.


Contact Information

PO Box 202 Caulfield South Victoria 3162 (map)
+61 03 9077 5395


Opening Hours

9 am -12noon Tuesday and Friday mornings

Entry Fee

No entry fee


965 Glen Huntly Rd Caulfield South Victoria

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Den Finch- Walton 8 December 2016 8:16 PM

I am concerned about the property called Roseneath circa 1874 which sits beside a side road of Nepean Hwy just down from the Glenhuntly Rd intersection. It was sold by Buxton early this year with the usual rectangle indicating its land size. Another ' development' ? Surely a house of this age should be preserved for the community? Does the historical society have any opinion of this? Thanking you for your time

Barbara Hoad 9 December 2016 4:21 PM

Roseneath has a local heritage overlay and the Glen Eira Historical Society wishes to see this 1870s building retained. I have not had a chance to look at the planning permit but understand the new owners wish to turn it into a childcare centre. I suggest you look on the Glen Eira Council website for details of the planning application and contact council if you are concerned. We will also be speaking with the Planner about this. At the time it was advertised for sale we did in fact suggest to a couple of Councillors they could buy it as a home for the historical society. Regards, Barbara

Simon Rhee 6 April 2017 12:51 PM

Hi, I live at 33 Cromwell St. I was wondering if you had any pictures of the Cnr of Cromwell and Rowena Sts in the 1980s and 1920s

ingrid 3 February 2018 10:55 AM

You should subscribe to ... planningalerts dot org dot au....(Australia) Volunteers scour and receive planning applications that go to councils & put them on this website. You can select a street, suburb etc and receive an alert as soon as they do. You get a link to the council website and planning application. That way you never miss a planning application and can view, comment, object a.s.a.p.

annie miles (ebzery) 17 February 2018 2:30 PM

I'm an old girl of O'Neill College Elsternwick (1961-1965) and like so many of my old school mates, are anxious to know more and more about our old school days.

karen Black 18 February 2018 9:53 PM

my G Grandfather, (Charles Brentwood), founded a club in Elsternwick, does any body have any photos of him/and or the club. it would be much appreciated.

Jenna Farrelly 31 May 2018 7:32 PM

Hi, this is a long shot but my Grandfather Mick (Ian) Roberts (born 1928) grew up in Carnegie and I am trying to find out more about the house he grew up in. Grandad would say that he grew up in an old hospital in Carnegie which was supposably haunted. They would let his sisters boyfriends stay in a certain spooky room and see if they stayed the night. Has anyone heard of a building which might fit this description? Regards Jenna. F

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1372 items

Bewdley Street, 8, Ormond

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A copy of a three page letter, dated 01/05/1957, sent by S P Simmonds to Plante and Henty Solicitors, concerning the valuation and inspection of the property at Bewdley Street, 8, Ormond. Includes information about the property, property measurements and improvements.

Elsternwick Fire Station, Selwyn Street

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A photocopy of a one page contract signed 13/08/1895 for Peter Rodger to build the Elsternwick and Yarraville fire stations before 13/11/1895 for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Board of Melbourne.

Historical Caulfield to 1972, photo album by Jenny O’Donnell, Manor Gve

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

7 photos of number 4, a 2 storey Victorian house, one includes house now demolished, 2 of the photos circa 1910

Duldig, Karl (Artist)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A typed short biography of Karl Duldig, undated & unattributed, ranging from his early life and education to his death (B 1902 – D1986)

Saint Aloysius Church, Caulfield.

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A photocopy of a document dated 26/05/1974 celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the first Parish Mass in 1924 at Saint Aloysius Church Balaclava Road, Caulfield. The document lists the Catholic Priests and dignitaries who presided over the first Mass on 25/25/1924. A thanks to the past Parish priests from 1919 to 1974. Also included are three photocopies, of varying clarity, of a photograph of the front view of Saint Aloysius.


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A handwritten unattributed one page list of the tenants of Cambria, Neerim Road from 1891 to 1940. Sourced from Sands and McDougall., The file also includes an undated and unattributed handwritten one page document providing Caulfield Rate Book Listings for the period 1889 to 1897. The document also provides a brief biography of George Davis with a reference to the Biography of Victorian Parliament.

Nooralie Private Hospital

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Enquiry from Moyra Cachia seeking information on Nooralie Private Hospital in Ormond. Includes a copy of the reply from Margaret Dunbar that lists information from Sand and McDougal directories from 1942 – 1970 and a reference to information in Caulfield Heritage Vol 1.

Bromfield, Margery

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Photocopy of a document of the record of voyage of the ship “Mystery” from England 1854-1855., Crew member William Badcock was great, great-grandfather of Margery Bromfield.

St. Georges Road, 48 Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

This file contains two items., Newspaper article from MELBOURNE WEEKLY BAYSIDE 26/07/2008 including three coloured photographs. Article mentions period features and updated renovations., Research by Claire Barton dated 01/03/2013 on occupiers of number 48 from 1903 to 1948. Taken from SANDS AND MCDOUGALLS.

Walsh, Mary

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Caulfield Leader dated July 6, 2010. Carnegie resident Mary Walsh, community activist, local icon and blogger, died on June 23, 2010.

Downshire Road, 31, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A two page photocopy of a report from the Caulfield Conservation Study on 31 Downshire Road, Elsternwick, by Andrew Ward, dated 10/1994. It includes a description of the architecture of the property, a brief history of the property and a statement of the property’s significance. The study includes a black and white photograph (100mm x 155mm) of the exterior of the house.

Warrigal Road, Oakleigh

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Documents about a small portion of land on Warrigal Road Oakleigh, now Oakleigh East., A Letter dated 29/05/1952 from Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria to Mr. L.P. Simmonds requesting valuation of land for proposed widening of Warrigal Road., A plan of Survey, no.5474, for Crown portion of Parish of Moorabbin and Parish of Mordialloc for owner The Brighton Gas Coy Ltd. New Street Brighton. Mortgages to the National Mutual Life Association., A letter dated 04/06/1952 from Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria in reference to Warrigal Road and Centre Road from the Country Roads Board who desire to acquire the land., Handwritten calculation notes and price for valuation, most likely as an attachment to the letter dated 04/06/1952.

Langdon Homes of Caulfield (Proof Copy)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Typed order dated 16/10/2987 from James Bennett Library Services to Caulfield Historical Society for a copy of The Langdon Homes of Caulfield. Handwritten, unattributed annotation dated 30/10/2987 noting that an out of print reply was sent., A typed purchase order request from State Library of New South Wales dated 22/10/1987 to Caulfield Historical Society for a copy of The Langdon Homes of Caulfield. An unattributed handwritten annotation notes that an out of print reply was sent dated 06/11/1987., Also, a typed purchase order dated 19/10/1987 accompanying the requesting letter is included.

Saint Clement’s Church of England, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A pamphlet (including photocopied same) on the history of Saint Clement’s Church of England Elsternwick, titled The Jubilee Story 1886 – 1936. Includes photos of J.M. Davies, Rev Geo Sprovle, Rev M.H. Gardner, Rev A.E Britten, Rev J.H. Frewin plus the church interior.

Murrumbeena State School No. 3449

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

This file contains 1 x 90th Anniversary booklet on Murrumbeena Primary School 1917 – 2007. The booklet contains copies of official papers, maps, building works and maintenance of significance, the certificate of Title, recollections of individual students and staff, notable newspaper articles, photos of building, staff and pupils, as well as the surrounding area, lists of head teachers/ principals, teachers and other staff and Murrumbeena Primary School logos. In addition to the 90th Anniversary booklet there is also a pamphlet in the form of a program to celebrate the events listed on 25/08/2007 and diagram of buildings

Service Family

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

This file contains three items, Printed article on James Service from the Australian Sketcher, dated 13/03/1880, Printed article from Victorian and Its Metropolis, by Sutherland, undated, Handwritten article on James Service, one short summary taken from Cannon-Land Boomers (page 31) undated. Additional paragraph noting “Servicton” named after him., Handwritten undated list of properties held by James Service from 1876 to 1872, from Rate Books possibly.

Spurway Nursing Home

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

The folder contains four items in two groups., 1) A Caulfield Contact article, vol 15, no 6, 27/07/1986, and a Caulfield Progress article dated 26/07/1989 describing the official opening of the Caulfield Spurway Nursing Home., 2) A typed copy of Caulfield Spurway Nursing Home Residency Agreement Proforma and a Commonwealth Department of Community Services document Common Form of Agreement regarding the temporary absence of a nursing home resident.

Hopetoun Street, 10, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

A one page typed letter from Weigall and Crowther Solicitors to S P Simmonds Estate Agency on behalf of Flora Lee, dated 03/10/1962, requesting valuation of 10 Hopetoun Street, Elsternwick., The file also includes a four page typed valuation of 10 Hopetoun Street, Elsternwick, by Edward J K Callaghan, dated 10/10/1962. The valuation includes property measurements, title particulars, zoning, information about the surrounding area and also details about the house on the property and other improvements., The file also includes one page of handwritten, undated and unattributed working notes for the purpose of the valuation., Also included in the file is a copy of a two page typed letter, from valuator V Scott to George Lee, dated 22/12/1971, providing another later valuation of 10 Hopetoun Street, Elsternwick.

Caulfield Properties

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Photograph of Cantala mansion in Dandenong Road on 29 Oct 1903, built by Septimus Miller son of Henry “Money” Miller


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

An advertisement for the sale of the house Hartington located at 15 Gladstone Parade, Elsternwick, from the Melbourne Weekly Bayside of 09/03/2011. The advertisement includes a brief description of the architectural features of the house. It also includes two colour photographs (160mm x 265mm; 61mm x 85mm) of the house exterior and two colour photographs (61mm x 92mm) of the house interior.

Mayor Jack Campbell 1986-87 (1 of 2)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Newspaper articles relating to activities in Caulfield involving Mayor Jack Campbell as well as photograph of Cr Jack Campbell in the Mayoral robes, 1). Short article and photograph of Malvern and Caulfield council celebrating decision not to merge councils, 2). Article on Youth Support as a key item as Mayor, 3). Article on Arts Centre and criticism from Cr Don Dunstan, 4). Photograph of Cr Jack Campbell in Mayoral robes, 5). Article on Elsternwick Post Office demolition, Article on the proposed new Arts Centre, 6). Media ban on councillors, 7). Maysbury Avenue Houses report


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

3 photographs of Shops in Murrumbeena Road, north of railway line circa 1951

Christian Family

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Six documents on the Christian Family., Nine typed pages by Robert Trumble dated 08/02/1974. Extracts taken from two books written by him about the Christian family in Australia., Three pages about Thomas Christian and Myoora from Caulfield Historical Society Newsletter April/June 1974., Handwritten notes on Thomas and Violet Christian from 1886-1891, possibly taken from Rate Books, unsigned and undated., Handwritten information from the Public Record Office Victoria giving extract of register of Wills, Vol.W1, page 39 Christian, Thomas. Unsigned and undated., Photocopied UK incoming passenger list dated 28/04/1899 showing Mrs. Christian, eight children and maid on the ship Wakool, from, Newspaper item dated 26/01/2013 from the Saturday Age mentioning Coolart Homestead, late Victorian mansion, owned at one stage by Tom Luxton who was married to Gertrude Christian.

Elsternwick Fire Station, Selwyn Street

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

An article from the Port Phillip/Caulfield Leader of 03/08 circa 1989 about the history and features of the Elsternwick Fire Station. The article includes a colour photograph (104mm x 127mm) of the exterior of the fire station.

Railways in Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Photograph of Glen Huntly Estate sub division notice including railway gates, Madden estate, St Kilda pier, St Kilda baths

Goldstein, Vida

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

One item on electoral division of Goldstein., Profile details of electoral division, updated 22/02/2012 plus map showing boundaries of Electoral Division of Goldstein gazette 24/12/2012.

Uniting Church Archives, Orrong Road, 78-66, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Documents relating to Centenary:, An invitation to 100th Anniversary Celebration at Orrong Road Uniting Church Elsternwick, dated November 15, 1987., Orrong Road Methodist Church History from 14/11/1887 to 14/11/1978 compiled by Norma Ward. List of names included in File 1235B.

Saint Mary The Virgin Kooyong Road, South Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Handwritten document on Parish of Saint Mary the Virgin noting that the church has been situated at a number of venues. The present address has been used by Saint Marys for twelve years; and the Father is Graeme A. Mitchell

Hengar, Glen Eira Road, 356, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Two original copies and one photocopy of a one page article from The Age, 07/03/1990, by Rhonda Dredge, advertising the auction of Hengar. The article describes the architectural features of the Victorian style building, its original use as a dower house and gives a brief history of its occupancy. The article includes a black and white photograph of the exterior of Hengar.

Caulfield Central Presbyterian Church, St. Giles

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield South

Two copies of the booklet ST GILES 1890 TO 1990, ONE HUNDRED YEARS IN MURRUMBEENA, dated 15/07/1990 by St Giles Publicity Committee, includes photographs., Two printed pages of lists of names of church ministers and other officials from 1890 to 1990.