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Glen Eira Historical Society Caulfield, Victoria

Glen Eira Historical Society was formed in 1972 as the Caulfield Historical Society to collect preserve and promote understanding of the history of the municipality. Our name was updated to Glen Eira following the changes made to council boundaries in 1994. We cover the suburbs within the City of Glen Eira.

Over the years we have developed an extensive collection of material and welcome donations of information, photographs and memorabilia related to the history of the area and it's residents. We also run a program of speakers at our bi-monthly Speaker Series and publish a Newsletter periodically.

Visitors and new members always welcome.


Contact Information

PO Box 202 Caulfield South Victoria 3162 (map)
+61 03 9077 5395


Opening Hours

9 am -12noon Tuesday and Friday mornings

Entry Fee

No entry fee


965 Glen Huntly Rd Caulfield Victoria

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Den Finch- Walton 8 December 2016 8:16 PM

I am concerned about the property called Roseneath circa 1874 which sits beside a side road of Nepean Hwy just down from the Glenhuntly Rd intersection. It was sold by Buxton early this year with the usual rectangle indicating its land size. Another ' development' ? Surely a house of this age should be preserved for the community? Does the historical society have any opinion of this? Thanking you for your time

Barbara Hoad 9 December 2016 4:21 PM

Roseneath has a local heritage overlay and the Glen Eira Historical Society wishes to see this 1870s building retained. I have not had a chance to look at the planning permit but understand the new owners wish to turn it into a childcare centre. I suggest you look on the Glen Eira Council website for details of the planning application and contact council if you are concerned. We will also be speaking with the Planner about this. At the time it was advertised for sale we did in fact suggest to a couple of Councillors they could buy it as a home for the historical society. Regards, Barbara

Simon Rhee 6 April 2017 12:51 PM

Hi, I live at 33 Cromwell St. I was wondering if you had any pictures of the Cnr of Cromwell and Rowena Sts in the 1980s and 1920s

ingrid 3 February 2018 10:55 AM

You should subscribe to ... planningalerts dot org dot au....(Australia) Volunteers scour and receive planning applications that go to councils & put them on this website. You can select a street, suburb etc and receive an alert as soon as they do. You get a link to the council website and planning application. That way you never miss a planning application and can view, comment, object a.s.a.p.

annie miles (ebzery) 17 February 2018 2:30 PM

I'm an old girl of O'Neill College Elsternwick (1961-1965) and like so many of my old school mates, are anxious to know more and more about our old school days.

karen Black 18 February 2018 9:53 PM

my G Grandfather, (Charles Brentwood), founded a club in Elsternwick, does any body have any photos of him/and or the club. it would be much appreciated.

Jenna Farrelly 31 May 2018 7:32 PM

Hi, this is a long shot but my Grandfather Mick (Ian) Roberts (born 1928) grew up in Carnegie and I am trying to find out more about the house he grew up in. Grandad would say that he grew up in an old hospital in Carnegie which was supposably haunted. They would let his sisters boyfriends stay in a certain spooky room and see if they stayed the night. Has anyone heard of a building which might fit this description? Regards Jenna. F

Les Comley 9 October 2019 5:13 PM

I am trying to locate any information that is available about a property named Nyoora, Neerim Road, East Caulfield. My grandfather was repatriated there after WW1 (i.e. 1919) and am hoping to get whatever information I can regarding the site/property at that time.

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1372 items

Mayor Jack Campbell 1987-88 (1 of 2)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

3 black and white photographs and menu card at Awards ceremony 23 March 988

photograph - Muriel Stepto

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Historical information

A sepia photograph of Muriel Stepto (nee Wood) taken in the late 19th century.


This item is significent because it records an examople of early 19th century infant dress in caulfield.


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Murrumbeena Railway crossing circa 1905, showing a horse and sulky travelling north

Gagliardi, Felice

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Four items about Italian musicians from Viggiano., Handwritten correspondence by Frank Delmonaco dated 24/02/2005, sent to Glen Eira Historical Society, giving information of former Italian musicians, including Felice Gagliardi (who played at the Crystal Palace Theatre, Caulfield) who travelled the country., Photocopied article from Sunday Telegraph, dated 31/08/1969; gives Vigano musicians’ history and photo; plus enlargement of same photo., Photocopied photo of group un-named but possibly same as above., Photocopy of Statutory Declaration, by Felice Gagliardi (dated 28/03/19?) giving personal and employment details plus absences from Australia. Occupation is musician and employer is Griffiths and West of Crystal Palace Theatre, Caulfield.

Caulfield Properties

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Myoora circa 1886, owned by Thomas Christian

Allender Marie.

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A photocopy of a newspaper article un-named and undated. The article is about Marie Allender, member of the Field Naturalist Club of Victoria for 40 years who identified a new species of botanical plant. The new plant was named Olearia Allenderae; the ae suffix is feminine, The article misnames Miss Allender as Ellender

Murrumbeena Police Station

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Two black and white photographs of Murrumbeena Police Station date unknown but taken at separate times

Ascog (1900), Orrong Road, 10, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A photocopied assessment of Ascog by Andrew Ward as part of the Caulfield Conservation Study in 1994. Assessment includes a description of the house, its condition, integrity, history, including previous owners and a statement of its significance. It includes a poor quality photograph (150mm x 100mm).

Caulfield Properties

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Glenmore, date unknown

Trinity Congregational Church

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Roneod letter from the National Trust, Victoria, to the Congregational Union of Victoria. The correspondence gives notification that the church has been placed in the classified List and should be preserved. Dated 20/03/1973. Correspondence from Department of Planning Victoria, advising the Caulfield Historical Society, that the H. B. Council has chosen not to recommend the building for addition to the Historic Buildings Register Dated 08/10/1982. Extracted From Caulfield Conservation Study By Andrew Ward Dated January 1995 Describing Trinity Congregational Church. Includes Brief History Of The Church And Description Of Architectural Features.

Ontario Street, 25, Caulfield North

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Contains several documents regarding the house at 25 Ontario Street, North Caulfield. Includes handwritten notes, undated, written by Shirley Sheaham tracing the family history of Edward and Elsie Gilder who owned the house between 1936 and 1969, and the memories of the author as a child living in the house. Also includes a black and white photograph and two financial documents, account information and receipt, regarding the house.

Fresch, Gladstone Parade, 11, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A two page photocopy of the Caulfield Conservation Study report by Andrew Ward, dated 10/1994, on Fresh at 11 Gladstone Parade, Elsternwick. The report includes a history of the house, a description of its architectural features, and a photograph (101mm x 154mm) of the exterior of the house.

Spurway Nursing Home

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

The folder contains four items in two groups., 1) A Caulfield Contact article, vol 15, no 6, 27/07/1986, and a Caulfield Progress article dated 26/07/1989 describing the official opening of the Caulfield Spurway Nursing Home., 2) A typed copy of Caulfield Spurway Nursing Home Residency Agreement Proforma and a Commonwealth Department of Community Services document Common Form of Agreement regarding the temporary absence of a nursing home resident.

Historical Caulfield to 1972, photo album by Jenny O’Donnell, Kooyong Rd, Caulfield North

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

3 photos of Tudor Court, Edwardian house now used for receptions, demolished in 2007

RossTown Hall, 60 RossTown Road, Carnegie

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Melbourne Weekly Bayside, dated 20/06/2012, includes two photographs, giving brief history of Rosstown Hall, formerly known as Carnegie Hall; and current use as a live music venue. Website states name as Abel Tasman Dutch Club.


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

An auction advertisement from the Melbourne Weekly Bayside, dated 11/05/2011, for Craigellachie at 2B Lynedoch Avenue, St Kilda East. The article includes one colour photograph (155mm x 257mm) of the exterior of Craigellachie and three colour photographs (84mm x 60mm) of the interior of Craigellachie.

Saint Mary The Virgin Kooyong Road, South Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Parish of Saint Mary the Virgin, Flyer, calendar of church services and meeting from 24/02/1998 to 22/03/1998.

Ristori Estate

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

11 documents about the sales (31/05/1919 initially; then March 1920) of Lots 20 & 21 Ristori Estate:, 3 contracts of sale to Edwin Percy Smith from ME Coppel., 2 receipts from Yeo Crosthwaite & Co. to E.P. Smith dated 26/11/1919 & 24/02/1920 for quarterly payments., 1 working copy of contract of sale dated March 1920 from E.P.Smith to Thomas Herbert Evans Putt., 1 handwritten letter dated 09/08/1920 from E.P. Smith to Mr P. St John Hall Esq asking for advice about transfer papers for the Ristori Estate., 1 typed letter dated 16/08/1920 from Yeo Crosthwaite & Co to E.P. Smith asking for signing return of Alienation Notice., 1 handwritten letter dated 23/08/1920 from E.P. Smith to Mr P. St John Hall asking whether he or Mr Putt should sign papers., 1 typed letter dated 07/09/1920 from Yeo Crosthwaite & Co. to E.P. Smith asking for return of Land Tasc Alienation Notice., 1 handwritten note dated 18/09/1920 from (likely) Mr Putt to Yeo Crosthwaite & Co returning Land Tasc Notice & further Notice of Sale;, Business Card (handwritten) for Thomas Herbert & Evan Putt, Builder, Inkerman Road, Caulfield

Cumbernauld, formerly Thornleigh Grange, 504, Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A photocopy of a Caulfield Conservation Study by Andrew Ward, dated 08/1994, on the house at 504 Hawthorn Road, St Kilda East, called Cumbernauld. This assessment include a brief description of the house, a history of occupancy, a short statement of significance and a black and white photograph (100mm x 152mm) of the exterior of the house.

Caulfield Properties

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of the second Union Church, date unknown

Hawthorn Road, 449, Caulfield South

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

One item on this address. An article and ads in PRW of 29/07/2011 about three new developments in Caulfield South. Included is a short history and description of the suburb. The projects are all on Hawthorn Road or Maple Street-, Maple on the Park - a mixed use of developments, Elle-luxury apartments, Central Shule Chabad – new synagogue and community centre

Maysbury, Maysbury Avenue, 1, Elsterwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

An article in Melbourne Bayside Weekly, October 20, 2010 by architect Neil Clerehan giving the history of Maysbury and describing some of its architectural features, also a description of the building and grounds subdivision into individual houses in the newly created Maysbury Avenue and the building into seven individual flats and subsequent addition of seven more apartments. Included in the article are three coloured photographs of one of the exterior of the building and two of individual rooms in apartment No.7. Also three real estate advertisements including three coloured photographs, one of interior of apartment and two external views of Maysbury dated 2009 and 2010.

Fethers, Geoffrey

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph and short history of Geoffrey Fethers, aged ten years in 1907 in Australian Queen’s Scout Association News Vol.7, No.2, dated December 2007. He was an early scout.

Koornang Road, 89, Carnegie

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A colour newspaper article in the Property Review Weekly of 20/05/2005, advertising the forthcoming auction of 89 Koornang Road on 27/05/2005. The article includes a colour photograph of the building exterior., A newspaper article in the Property Review Weekly, dated 10/06/2005, describing the auction of 89 Koornang Road. Includes a colour photograph of the building exterior.


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Caulfield Conservation Study conducted by Andrew Ward in October 1994, outlining a description of the gothic revival architectural aspects of Glenfern. It includes the history of the owners and the forthcoming recommendations for planning scheme control. Includes three exterior photographs.

Lempriere Family

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Three pages of handwritten research on the Lempriere family: 1. Their land holdings taken from the rate books over period 1858-1892. It shows us that John Thompson Lempriere was also Mayor in 1903. 2. Notes about Thomas Henry Lempriere and William Geo Lempriere. 3. Photocopied photograph of Greenmeadows on Lemprieres cow paddock – undated and unknown.

Bakewell family

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

There are 3 items:, A photocopy of an extract “Early Pioneer Families of Victoria and Riverina” – Henderson Page 441-442 The Bakewell Family of Burnewang and Tooradin”. It includes a photo of John Bakewell (1807-1888). It contains two pages and describes Bakewell’s property expansion., Original handwritten, unsigned undated research notes on John Bakewell property holdings taken from St Kilda Rate Book (1859-1873). It describes the land allotment., A typed, unsigned, undated extract from The Howitts in Australia by Mary Howitt, Vic Hist Mag 1913 Vol 3 No. 1. Reference – Memoirs of a stockman, Harry Peck, 1853 Map, Foot Plot CCXLVI at Kooyong & Glen Eira Road

Reeves Walter

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

2 items., 1.A roneod copy of Recollections of Walter Reed, gives notes on local identities, their business’, Caulfield State School, places of interest and events that took place in the area, undated., 2.A hand written list taken from Rate Books 1864 of areas in dispute, including nine names of residents, between Caulfield and St Kilda, date and author unknown.

Glen Huntly Railway Station

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

This file contains one item., 1. Eleven Photographs of Glen Huntly Railway Station, five in black and white, and six in colour. They date from the earlier part of the 20th century as well as into the 1980’s. One black and white photograph has ‘first electric train?’ handwritten on the back. Another has been taken from an advertisement for the auction of Madden Estate featured in the Prahran Telegraph dated 20/09/1913.

Mayor Jack Campbell 1987-88 (1 of 2)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Newspaper articles of writers and composers