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Glen Eira Historical Society Caulfield, Victoria

Glen Eira Historical Society was formed in 1972 as the Caulfield Historical Society to collect preserve and promote understanding of the history of the municipality. Our name was updated to Glen Eira following the changes made to council boundaries in 1994. We cover the suburbs within the City of Glen Eira.

Over the years we have developed an extensive collection of material and welcome donations of information, photographs and memorabilia related to the history of the area and it's residents. We also run a program of speakers at our bi-monthly Speaker Series and publish a Newsletter periodically.

Visitors and new members always welcome.


Contact Information

PO Box 202 Caulfield South Victoria 3162 (map)
+61 03 9077 5395

Opening Hours

9 am -12noon Tuesday and Friday mornings

Entry Fee

No entry fee


965 Glen Huntly Rd Caulfield Victoria

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Den Finch- Walton 8 December 2016 8:16 PM

I am concerned about the property called Roseneath circa 1874 which sits beside a side road of Nepean Hwy just down from the Glenhuntly Rd intersection. It was sold by Buxton early this year with the usual rectangle indicating its land size. Another ' development' ? Surely a house of this age should be preserved for the community? Does the historical society have any opinion of this? Thanking you for your time

Barbara Hoad 9 December 2016 4:21 PM

Roseneath has a local heritage overlay and the Glen Eira Historical Society wishes to see this 1870s building retained. I have not had a chance to look at the planning permit but understand the new owners wish to turn it into a childcare centre. I suggest you look on the Glen Eira Council website for details of the planning application and contact council if you are concerned. We will also be speaking with the Planner about this. At the time it was advertised for sale we did in fact suggest to a couple of Councillors they could buy it as a home for the historical society. Regards, Barbara

Simon Rhee 6 April 2017 12:51 PM

Hi, I live at 33 Cromwell St. I was wondering if you had any pictures of the Cnr of Cromwell and Rowena Sts in the 1980s and 1920s

ingrid 3 February 2018 10:55 AM

You should subscribe to ... planningalerts dot org dot au....(Australia) Volunteers scour and receive planning applications that go to councils & put them on this website. You can select a street, suburb etc and receive an alert as soon as they do. You get a link to the council website and planning application. That way you never miss a planning application and can view, comment, object a.s.a.p.

annie miles (ebzery) 17 February 2018 2:30 PM

I'm an old girl of O'Neill College Elsternwick (1961-1965) and like so many of my old school mates, are anxious to know more and more about our old school days.

karen Black 18 February 2018 9:53 PM

my G Grandfather, (Charles Brentwood), founded a club in Elsternwick, does any body have any photos of him/and or the club. it would be much appreciated.

Jenna Farrelly 31 May 2018 7:32 PM

Hi, this is a long shot but my Grandfather Mick (Ian) Roberts (born 1928) grew up in Carnegie and I am trying to find out more about the house he grew up in. Grandad would say that he grew up in an old hospital in Carnegie which was supposably haunted. They would let his sisters boyfriends stay in a certain spooky room and see if they stayed the night. Has anyone heard of a building which might fit this description? Regards Jenna. F

Les Comley 9 October 2019 5:13 PM

I am trying to locate any information that is available about a property named Nyoora, Neerim Road, East Caulfield. My grandfather was repatriated there after WW1 (i.e. 1919) and am hoping to get whatever information I can regarding the site/property at that time.

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1373 items

Historical Caulfield to 1972, photo album by Jenny O’Donnell, Hawthorn Rd

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

1 photo of number 158-162

Long Street, 19, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A print advertisement, dated 15/09/2006, source unknown, regarding the sale of 19 Long Street, Elsternwick. The advertisement describes the architectural features of the house and provides information about the forthcoming auction. There are also two copies of two photographs of the house.

St. Mary’s Church, Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A list of subscribers to St. Mary’s Anglican Church Caulfield from 1871-1922. Includes miscellaneous information on parishioners and activities from 1887-1895., Also includes another list of contributors that includes additional information on St. Margaret’s Church 1923.


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Two hand written one page letters from Brenda M. Niall, dated 11/05/1983 and 03/06/1983 respectively, to R. Ballantyne of the Caulfield Historical Society, requesting information on the property Glenfern., One page newspaper article entitled INSPIRING THE ARTS from THE AGE, dated 04/05/2002, regarding Glenfern and the Boyd family by Mary Ryllis Clark. Includes photographs of two paintings and one photograph of the home.

Jasper Road, 321, Ormond

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A copy of a two page research report on 321 Jasper Road, Ormond by Hilary Bullocks and Rosalind Landells of the Brighton Historical Society, dated 08/11/1996. The report provides a brief history of the property and its occupancy., The file also includes one page of handwritten, undated and unattributed working notes.

Maysbury, Maysbury Avenue, 1, Elsterwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A Caulfield Conservation study report by Andrew Ward dated August 1994 on 1 Maysbury Avenue, Elsternwick including a description, history and statement of the building’s significance. Includes references and a black and white photocopy of a photograph of the exterior

Elsternwick Fire Station, Selwyn Street

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A black and white photograph (96mm x 127mm) of the 1891 Elsternwick Fire Brigade on their way to a fire with a crew of three fire fighters in a one-horse cart racing up a track.

Addie Tyers 1885-1986

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Undated black and white 20cm x 15cm of Addie Murphy, her mother and three sisters. Sent by Suzanne Howie, family member. Handwritten details or back supplied by Felicitie Campbell. Addie married Stanley William Tyers, Mayor of Caulfield., Research notes on Adelaide Brooks later Tyers, and Stanley William Tyers. BDM listings.


Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Real Estate leaflet for the subdivision sale of the Ristori Estate & Residence on 31/05/1919 by Yeo, Crosthwaite & Co. A map of the 24 subdivisions available plus a locality plan are included along with details of separate sale on 04/06/1919 of the weatherboard buildings, rooms, stables & glass house.

St. Agnes Church, Booran Road, 116, Glen Huntly

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Parish of St Agnes October – November 2009 Messenger monthly magazine of church community calendar.

Regent Street, 84, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Newspaper advertisement, source unknown, dated 04/05/2002, for the auction of 84 Regent Street. Gives brief details of interior and exterior features. Includes one colour photograph of the house two colour photographs of the house exterior., Research note by Claire Barton, dated 06/06/2012, referencing Sands and McDougall editions 1923, 1948, 1960 and 1970, giving names of previous occupants of 84 Regent Street.

Caulfield Town Hall

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Drawing of proposed Shire Hall by Sydney Smith circa 1884

St. Georges Road, 36, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A Black and White Photograph, Undated, Of The House At 36 St. Georges Road, Elsternwick, Named Aloha.

Historical Caulfield to 1972, photo album by Jenny O’Donnell, Hopetoun St

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

1 photo of 2 storey town house now been converted to Hopetoun Hospital

Saint Mary The Virgin Kooyong Road, South Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Three coloured photographs taken November 2009, includes front facade, Foundation Stone and Anglican Catholic Church signage details.

Saint John’s Presbyterian Church, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Our Forward Movement 1956 pamphlet – 2 copies. Saint John’s Presbyterian Church, Elsternwick. Includes church activities and organisations. 10 x B & W photos; 10 pages; 20.5cm x 26cm, Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 7th September 1985. Saint Johns Uniting Tennis Club Annual General Meeting 20th September, 1985., Christmas Gift Leaflet – The Heart of Christmas. Christmas 1986 From Rev. Eric Thomas for distribution to community. Includes religious message and service times., Your Child’s Story World Vision reports on sponsored Mexican child, Silvia Loza, female, 1985 – 86, Two Annual Reports on child Paulus Lobo. One has B & W photo 60mm x 88mm. of three little boys. Written on back in pencil 486 – 207 LOBO, Paulus. A., Saint Johns Uniting Tennis Club Annual General Meeting 7th September, 1991. Beryl lake, Secretary. Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 15th September 1990, 2pm, in the Clubhouse. New members etc., Minutes of committee Meeting held Wednesday 18th August 1999 at 8pm 1 page. Saint Johns Uniting Church Tennis Club, 11th November 1999 Bulletin. 4 copies., Article, source unknown, with coloured photo. 100mm x 80mm of three men sitting drinking from cans. Content about problems with liquor licence fees for after Cricket Club matches. June 15.10.2010., Article from Caulfield/ Port Phillip Leader September 13, 2011. Rev Christine Clinch and parishoners photographed walking for famine relief for Kenya. Article titled Every step helps Africa. Photo 140mm x 95cm., Walk of Life Article from Melbourne Weekly Bayside. Your Community Voice. September 21, 2011. Coloured photo, 185mm x 110mm. Rev. Christine Clinch and parishoners. Article about the Famine Relief project for Kenya.

Reformed Presbyterian Church

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Book giving history of Reformed Presbyterian Church In Canada, Australia (Geelong and McKinnon Congregations). Some photographs (black & white) of McKinnon church in book., Title: A Brief History of Colonial Mission Work in Canada and Australia by Rev. Hugh Wright for the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

Glen Eira Secondary College

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Various documents related to Glen Eira College:, Researched details by Claire Barton 15/06/2012 on beginning dates of Glen Eira College and head teachers names., Five Advertising articles from 2010 to May 2012 giving schools course outlines and other curricular activities on the schools various courses.

Caulfield North 3161

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Newspaper article, Melbourne Weekly Bayside 20/04/2011. Includes six colour photos of the area. Describes history and amenities., Many of the streets in area names for the Crimean War 1850’s. Cardigan Street, Canrobert Street, Raglan Street, Crimea Street.

Air Raid Precaution (ARP) in Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Council Truck used by Air Raid Precaution during World War 2

Webb Family

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

There are six items in this file., A photocopy from 500 Victorians 1934 edition of Percy Barrett Webb, engineer, manufacturer, of Webb Brothers, City Road South Melbourne. Includes carton illustration and personal details., Handwritten biographical information about Charles Webb, architect. Includes list of properties designed and two pages of references., Handwritten lists of two properties associated with George Octavius Webb, 1871 and 1887., Handwritten list of one property associated with Walter E. Webb, 1891., Two original photographs and one photocopy of statue of Isabella Webb, daughter of Justice Webb d.1891 located in Glen Eira City Hall as of 2000. One photograph taken in 1981 includes Mrs. Marie Langton, left, and Mrs. Margaret Moscham. Verso is handwritten description of photographs and photocopy. These were donated by Mrs. Langton March 2000., Two pages torn from Melbourne Weekly Bayside, April 14, 2010 entitled A Manor of Magnificence from Windsor Hotel to Winston Manor Charles Webb’s legacy remains unmatched by Kay Keighery on buildings designed by Charles Webb. The record page comprises description of 2 Manor Street, Brighton, designed by Webb, for sale at five million dollars.

Tramways in Caulfield

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Tramway corner Balaclava Road and Hawthorn Road circa 1915

Caulfield Transport

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Caulfield, Rippon Lea, Spencer Street bus service, date unknown

Park Street Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Photograph of Park Street Elsternwick 27 May 1900

Elizabeth Street, 44, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A two page advertisement from the Melbourne Weekly Bayside, dated 14/02/2007, written by Kathryn Kernohan, for an upcoming auction of the house at 44 Elizabeth Street, Elsternwick on 04/03/2007. The article includes a description of the property including architectural features and four colour photographs, two of the house exterior (119mm x 216mm; 167mm x 316mm) and two of the house interior (89mm x 155mm; 89mm x 157mm), taken by Tim Barker.

Archibald Street, 2, Elsternwick

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A copy of typed, brief research notes by Miss H. Bullock and Mrs Rosalind Landells dated April 22, 1988 concerning the history of 2 Archibald Street, Elsternwick., The notes list the occupants of the house from 1893 to 1967 and mention the cricketer W. H. Ponsford who lived nearby., An undated, unattributed hand-written summary of the same information is also included.

Mayor Jack Campbell 1987-88 (1 of 2)

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Newspaper article relating to, 1) child pickup claims, 2) Council worker sacking

Murrumbeena Police Station

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

Two black and white photographs of Murrumbeena Police Station date unknown but taken at separate times

Helenslea, Shelford CEGGS

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

A photocopy of a one page article from Punch on 01/03/1923 detailing the opening of the new Shelford Girls’ School in Helenslea. A list of all present at the opening is provided.

Historical Caulfield to 1972, photo album by Jenny O’Donnell, Kambrook Rd

Glen Eira Historical Society, Caulfield

1 photo of Terrace style duplex house with parapet