Historical information

This file contains four items about the history of the church:
1/Typed letter dated 17/05/1977 from Mrs. C. Fergusson for the Murrumbeena United Church to accompany Item 2.
2/Four original copies plus a photocopy of ‘St. Giles Presbyterian Church Murrumbeena (An Outline of Sixty-five Years of Progress) 1890-1955’. These include lists of clergy, significant congregational members etc. One of the books is noted ‘Doble’ on the cover, as sent by Allan Doble in Item 3.
3/Handwritten letter dated 15/01/1999 from Allen Doble which accompanied one of the books at Item 2. This letter includes information on Dr Seymour, first Minister at St. Giles. There is also a typed excerpt from the letter.
4/Handwritten note, undated, by person unknown about two Foundation Stones and the Aeneas McDonald Memorial Hall at St. Giles.