Historical information

This file contains six items pertaining to the Rotary Club of Glen Eira:
1/The 1996-7 bulletin of the Club. Contains the address and phone number of the Club, a brief history of Glen Eira, a list of the times and locations of the meetings of both the Glen Eira branch and others in Melbourne, and a list of present and past faculty.
2/A typewritten letter, dated 21/03/1997, from Geoff Oscar, former president of the Club, to Mrs. Felicitie Campbell of the Caulfield Historical Society, thanking the latter for an address delivered to the Club on 18/03.
3/Bulletin #38 of the Club, which principally describes a meeting held at 29/04/1997. Features a duty roster, an advance program, a description of a presentation about ANZAC Day to be delivered at the meeting by Ross Bastiaan, a description of a presentation about great cities of the world delivered at the previous meeting by Peter Shellie, a poem about ANZAC Day, notifications of various upcoming events, and an attendance report. Also attached is a an extract from Victorian Railways to ’62 by Leo J. Harrigan describing the history of the Rosstown Railway.
4/Two copies of a booklet announcing the 21st birthday celebration dinner of the Club, to be held on 11/11/2008. Included is the menu, program of events, and a list of past presidents of the Club.
5/A booklet, dated 2009, providing basic information about the Club, including its address, meeting time, contact details, mission statement, faculty, past presidents, calendar and a brief history.
6/A card announcing the 21st Annual Business Person’s Breakfast, to be held at Glen Eira Town Hall on 12/03/2010, featuring David Smorgon as guest speaker.