Historical information

Under the heading 'Ballarat Technical School' the words 'a division of the School of Mines' has been whited out. The Coat of Arms was attached to the door of the Ballarat Junior Technical School (later used as Prospects Restaurant)

Latin inscriptions:
Ingenio effodere Opes - with skill to dig out wealth
Scientia Laboris Coadjutrix - knowledge the handmaiden of labour

Around 1913 a foundation student from the Ballarat Junior Technical School, Angus Henderson, won a competition to design a monogram for the school. At that time the school was situated at the Dana Street Primary School. This design remained the official insignia for about 40 years.

Angus Henderson became a renowned Ballarat signwriter.

Physical description

Ballarat School of Mines Coat of Arms painted onto galvanised iron, with the words 'Ballarat Technical School' at the top.