Historical information

In 1900 a group of former Ballarat School of Mines students working in Western Australia commissioned and presented a bust of Professor Alfred Mica Smith to the School.
The former students are Claude Maitland (CLark & Co.); A.L. Hay (Queen Margaret Gold Mine); A.S. Lilburne (Freemantle Smelting Works); Latham Watson (Golden Rhine Gold Mine); Arthur Kildahl (Ivanhoe Gold Corporation. Thomas Copeland (Associated Gold Mine); F.A. Moss (Kalgurli Hold Mine, Hainault Gold Mine); W.A. Hearman (New Arrow Propriety); Caradoc James (Golden Link Gold Mine); Alex Fraser (great Boulder Gold Mine); E.O. Watt (Kalgurli Gold Mine); G.M. Roberts (great Boulder Gold Mine); J.J. Dunstan (Chaffers Gold Mine); H.W. Moss, (Kalgoorli Gold Rec. Co); J.A. Hill (Kalgoorli Gold Rec. Co); John Dunstan (Associated Gold Mine); C.M. Harris (Hannans Propriety Development Co. Ltd); W.H. Cobould (Hannans Reward Gold Mine); John W. Sutherland (Golden Horsehoe Estates)


The original photo was presented to Professor Alfred Mica Smith by the 'Old Boys' pictured.

Physical description

A printed image of former students of the Ballarat School of Mines, and donors towards commissioning a bust of their former lecturer Professor Alfred Mica Smith.