Historical information

Deaf Children Australia have a complete set of Annual reports from 1863 to the present date. Annual reports document the activities of the organisation, including educational issues, finance, staffing and students. Annual Reports are created each year.


This represents part of the complete official history of Deaf Children Australia from 1863 to the present date, covering the subject of deaf education and related issues.

Physical description

Red leather bound volume with gold stamping containing the Annual Reports of the Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institution (V.D.&D.I. ) First Report: 21st Annual Report presented at the Annual meeting held 16th July, 1883. Last Report: 30th Annual Report presented at the Annual meeting held 28th July 1892. Reports included are the Annual Report, List of Subscribers and abstract of Treasurer's Accounts.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: "VICTORIAN DEAF AND DUMB INSTITUTION" in gold stamping. Spine: "REPORTS V.D.& D.I." "1883 TO 1892" in gold stamping. Decorative stamping around edge of front cover and back cover