Historical information

The minutes of each meeting of the Board of Management of the Victorian Deaf & Dumb Institution, the Victorian School for Deaf Children and Deaf Children Australia has been retained from 1862 to 2010.


The minutes of the meetings provide an insight into the day to day running of the School, from Wages and Salaries, student issues to broader educational topics, building works and finances.

Physical description

Red and Dark red leather bound volume with gold lettering containing the records of meetings of the Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institution. The first meeting being reported in 'The Age' and 'Argus', held on the 28th August, 1862. Minutes from the 3rd meeting held on 9th Sep 18662 in handwriting and all subsequent meetings. Also contains records of the meetings of the 'House Committee' including accounts.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: "RECORDS OF MEETINGS 1862-1869" "The Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institution" in gold lettering. Spine: "Records of meetings 18622-1869" " Victorian Deaf and Dumb Institution" in gold lettering