Physical description

A three page photocopy from a Caulfield Conservation Study by Andrew Ward, on house Heatherbrae located at 73 Neerim Road. The study gives a brief history of the property, describes the house’s architectural features and heritage significance and includes a photograph (100mm x 152mm) of the exterior of the house., The file also includes a page of undated, unattributed, handwritten notes giving a partial list of Heatherbrae’s occupants from 1885 to 1900s and some description of the house., Also included in the file is an undated, unattributed one page handwritten list of the main occupants of Heatherbrae between 1880 and 1970., The file also includes one page of research notes by Dianne Visnovsky, dated 06/11/2009, with details of a publication that describes church fairs held at Heathrbrae circa 1910. These notes are accompanied by a handwritten annotation by Claire Barton dated 05/03/2012.