Historical information

2 items about Hillcrest Estate and heritage:
1/A 20 page report giving draft heritage guidelines by the City of Glen Eira for properties within the Hillcrest Estate Heritage Area of Caulfield South, including Hillcrest Avenue numbers 1 and 3-12 and Marara Road numbers 27 and 28. The Heritage Area has been assessed as noteworthy as 'the first housing estate developed by the AV Jennings Construction Co., later known as Jennings Group Limited.' Developed during the Depression years of the early 1930s, it is considered an 'unusually intact example of an interwar garden estate' and is also considered noteworthy for its aesthetic values. The Report describes typical features for two house forms typical of the area: the single-storey villa with decorative porch and the single storey villa with decorative verandah. It gives guidelines on the types of changes which can be made to houses within the Heritage Area. Included are photographs of typical houses and design features, maps, and diagrams showing acceptable zones for additions, amongst other Sections (eg. Key design checklist).
2/A three page photocopy taken from Andrew Ward's Heritage Study for The Hillcrest Estate Historic Area.