Historical information

Two copies of a one page photocopy from the book Australian Sculptors (1980) by Ken Scarlett, describing the Springthorpe Memorial at Boroondara Cemetery, Kew.
The file also includes a photocopy of an article by Chrys Spicer, date and source unknown, about the Springthorpe Memorial. The article includes seven photographs of the memorial.
A research note by Chloe Stapleton, dated 31/08/12, suggests a possible source for this article.
The file also includes a copy of a typed letter from Allan M Doble to Melbourne University Art Curator Heather Lowe, dated 24/03/1995, concerning the history of the Wheel of Life Sculpture originally located at Joyous Gard.
The file also includes a copy of a typed letter, dated 19/05/1995, from Allan Doble to the Melbourne University Gallery with information about the Wheel of Life sculpture
Also included in the file are photocopies of two Melway maps showing the location of Joyous Gard and Springthorpe Reserve with notes by Allan Doble, dated 24/03/1995.
The file also includes eight coloured photographs (100mm x 150mm) of the Wheel of Life sculpture now located in the Medical School of the University of Melbourne, date and photographer unknown, probably 1990s. Negatives are also included.