Historical information

This file contains eight items:
1/A one page typed summary of the history of the London Tavern by (noted in pencil) author J O'Donnell. Includes information on the licensees of the hotel from 1873-1927 (in duplicate)
2/Photocopy of black and white photo of London Tavern c. 1878. Shows sign 'J. Riordan, London Tavern and Store'. Shows Boot and Shoe Repair shop at end and two women outside and horse and buggy on road.
3/Photocopy of black and white photograph entitled 'London Tavern 1935' with handwritten note on reverse by unknown author identifying Mrs. A.C. Scott as Nominee 1929-1969 and identifying a man in the photograph as John Chas (Jack) Scott on left. Car parked at curb. Original print held in album 'Historical Caulfield to 1972'.
4/Half page written note listing the names of Nominees of the London Tavern from 1873-1895. Author unknown; undated.
5/'now&then' article on London Tavern showing three photos (from our files) and brief history. Melbourne Weekly Bayside 22/02/2012.
6/Black and white photograph of London Tavern, established 1886, currently 414 Hawthorn Road. Foreground includes a large crowd with bicycles noted by an unattributed source to be members of Camden Town Sports Club after a bicycle race c.1888.
7/Handwritten note showing John Guess as the proprietor of the London Tavern in 1867 and 1874. Noet is undated and author unknown.
8/Black and white photograph of the London Tavern with a 1970s style car parked in Sycamore Street. Date and photographer unknown