Historical information

Our Forward Movement 1956 pamphlet – 2 copies. St John’s Presbyterian Church, Elsternwick. Includes church activities and organisations. 10 x B & W photos; 10 pages; 20.5cm x 26cm
Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 7th September 1985. St John's Uniting Tennis Club Annual General Meeting 20th September, 1985.
Christmas Gift Leaflet – The Heart of Christmas. Christmas 1986 From Rev. Eric Thomas for distribution to community. Includes religious message and service times.
Your Child’s Story World Vision reports on sponsored Mexican child, Silvia Loza, female, 1985 – 86
Two Annual Reports on child Paulus Lobo. One has B & W photo 60mm x 88mm. of three little boys. Written on back in pencil 486 – 207 LOBO, Paulus. A.
St John's Uniting Tennis Club Annual General Meeting 7th September, 1991. Beryl lake, Secretary. Minutes of Annual General Meeting held 15th September 1990, 2pm, in the Clubhouse. New members etc.
Minutes of committee Meeting held Wednesday 18th August 1999 at 8pm 1 page. St John's Uniting Church Tennis Club, 11th November 1999 Bulletin. 4 copies.
Article, source unknown, with coloured photo. 100mm x 80mm of three men sitting drinking from cans. Content about problems with liquor licence fees for after Cricket Club matches. June 15.10.2010.
Article from Caulfield/ Port Phillip Leader September 13, 2011. Rev Christine Clinch and parishoners photographed walking for famine relief for Kenya. Article titled Every step helps Africa. Photo 140mm x 95cm.
Walk of Life Article from Melbourne Weekly Bayside. Your Community Voice. September 21, 2011. Coloured photo, 185mm x 110mm. Rev. Christine Clinch and parishoners. Article about the Famine Relief project for Kenya.