Historical information

This file has 7 items.
1.Certified copy dated 28/05/1975 of birth certificate of Phoebe Elizabeth Marsh on 08/05/1869 in Chewton Victoria, and certified copy dated 22/05/1975 of marriage certificate of Ignatius John LePage and Phoebe Marsh on 14/06/1906 in Bendigo.
2.Photocopy of will of Ignatius John LePage dated 07/09/1933 and of inventory and probate application dated 1940.
3.Photocopy of will of Phoebe LePage dated 06/11/1971.
4.Photocopy of praecipe to probate registrar concerning will of Phoebe LePage dated 28/11/1941.
5.Photocopy of inventory of possessions in the estate of Phoebe Marsh dated 17/03/1942.
6.Correspondence dated 30/01/1994 and 10/05/1994 to Felicity Campbell, of Caulfield Historical Society from William Norris concerning his LePage family history notes.
7.Handwritten notes titled ‘The Marsh Bayle LePage Caulfield Connection’ by William Morris dated 10/01/1994 concerning the LePage family history in the Caulfield area.