Physical description

This file contains seven items., A letter dated 15/06/1987, from Will Alma to Caulfield Historical Society which accompanied items he donated., A letter from Will Alma to Caulfield Historical Society thanking them for sending him the society’s October 1987 newsletter containing his brief biography., Photocopy of article in CAULFIELD HISTORICAL SOCIETY NEWSLETTER of October 1987 about Will Alma., Photocopy of cover and article in THE LINKING RING, dated March 1987, about magicians in Australia, including Will Alma. His photograph is on cover., Transcript of article about Will Alma from THE LINKING RING, date and author unknown., Transcript of article THE WILL ALMA LEGACY TO MAGIC by Margaret Yates, date and source unknown., Transcript of examination report by Leonard C. Mason, dated 17/06/1958, recommending promotion of Will Alma to membership of Inner Magic Circle, London.