Historical information

This file contains five items:
1/Item one is a newspaper article describing the plans for the restoration and development of the new pavilion. It includes figures, benefits and potential uses of the pavilion. Dated August 2012.
2/ An article from the Caulfield/Port Phillip Leader describing the new pavilion. Dated 21/08/2012.
3/A report from the Caulfield Contact detailing the history of Duncan MacKinnon Reserve. It also includes funding and planning for the upgrade to a park status, with new facilities. Dated December 1991.
4/Report by Caulfield Historical Society, with the original typed copy, describing historical changes from 1874 to 1976, and its transformation from a swamp to sporting ground. Includes figures, grants, and its changing uses by the community. Undated.
Three copies in file.
5/Two photographs, an original and a smaller copy of the original, of children playing at the reserve. Undated.