Physical description

This file contains four items., Short hand-written notes on Hon. J. Alsten Wallace’s business activities, including a note on his marriage to the second daughter of Thomas Monahan taken from Cooper’s St Kilda, Typed notes with hand-written annotations on QUAT QUATTA, the house bought by John Alston Wallace c. 1875-6. The document details the interior and exterior of the house, and mentions renovations and its use for wedding receptions. Also noted is information on Wallace’s place of birth, migration, marriage, number of children and the date of his wife’s death, taken from the Australian Representative Men Vol. 1., A hand-written list of John Alston Wallace’s properties, author and date unknown, Hand-written listing and directory notes regarding John Alston Wallace’s properties, taken from MEMOIRS OF A STOCKMAN by Harry Peck. Date and author unknown.