Historical information

Copies of correspondence, (5 pages) dated 8/07/1954 from valuer to Mr K W Blue concerning valuation of property at 18 Kooyong Road, Caulfield North. Correspondence provides property measurements, details of property, improvements and costings. In addition, the file also includes 2 pages of handwritten notes, undated and unattributed providing valuation details. Also included in the file is a hand-drawn property plan (150mm x 155mm) undated and unattributed. The plan may be of the property at 18 Kooyong Road ; the room measurements given by the plan correspond with the measurements for 18 Kooyong Road given by the correspondence. However, the plan has been labeled (in a biro pen) as 15 Kooyong Road, East St Kilda, though 18 has been written above the number 15.