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Grand Union Tramway Junction Balaclava Road and Hawthorn Road

From the Collection of Glen Eira Historical Society 965 Glen Huntly Rd Caulfield Victoria

This file contains three items., 1. A three-page Caulfield Conservation Study of the Balaclava Road/Hawthorn Road Tramway Crossing, undertake by Andrew Ward and dated September 1994. Study includes a brief history of the junction and a statement of significance. Study also includes Four black and white photographs of the junction and of architectural details of the tram tracks., 2. A letter from the Conservation Manager of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) to the manager of the Planning Section for the City of Glen Eira, dated 15/06/2001 and attached to a six-page Classification Report. The letter informs of the Classification of the Grand Union Junction at the intersection of Balaclava and Hawthorn Road by the national trust, signed by Conservation Manager Ian Pausacker. Classification Report includes details such as the date of construction, a statement of significance, history of the junction, physical description of the junction and the condition of the junction at the time of writing. Report also includes a map of the Melbourne Tram Network drafted by Keith Kings and dated 01/005/1956, with illustration of the layout of fifteen tram depots, and updated aerial illustration of the Grand Union Junction, and a further map of Melbourne Tramways developed by North Melbourne Electric Tramways and Lighting Co. and Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust, drafted by Keith Kings and dated January 1914 with illustrations of three tram depots., 3. Two articles from the Caulfield Leader written by Aaron Langmaid and dated 13/02/2007 and the Melbourne Bayside Weekly dated 21/02/2007, both concerning the Grand Union Junction. The article from the Caulfield Leader includes a picture of Executive Officer of the council of Tramway Museum of Australia Craig Tooke in front of the intersection. The article from the Bayside Weekly includes a picture of a tram passing through the junction and a brief history of the junction and tram network in Caulfield. The article also refers to twp local tram shelters at the intersection of Dandenong Road and Alma Road and also Orrong Road and Balaclava Road.
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